The Wild West is alive and well! If you would like to immerse yourself in some western fun, then join us for a Saturday day trip out to Table Mesa Road. There you will find a group of adventuresome people who enjoy the out-of-doors and like to display their marksmanship.

During the fall months of the year, the weather is perfect for this activity, and people of all ages turn out for these events. Whether you are a member of the church, a family member, or a friend, you are welcome to join us as we spend the morning learning about weapons and firing them at various targets. This is not just an activity for the men as there are more than a few budding Annie Oakleys out there who love to shoot!

When the group arrives at their destination, before the first round is fired, safety procedures are discussed and reviewed. The importance of appropriate eye and ear protection devices is part of the safety discussion and considered to be of extreme importance. Targets are then set up. It is important that you know your target and what is behind it. Some targets are balloons that are let loose to float by as moving targets!

Many who attend bring their guns and ammunition for this rip-roaring event . You do not need to own a gun, however, as there are plenty that can be borrowed and tried out. Even the most mild-mannered will find themselves enjoying the sound of the guns blazing away at the targets. Watching the more expert of the marksmen hit their targets is exhilarating and shows how much effort they put into their shooting.

Sharing in the excitement of the shootout with everyone is a fun way to spend the morning!

It is always a great reminder that no matter how good a shot you are,
you always miss the mark unless you have Jesus in your life!